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One could argue that the tables have been turned for a while now, or perhaps never even set up. The citational life of Marx within the pages of Church History would be an interesting digital humanities project to pursue. As far as I can tell, there has been little engagement with Foucault's idea outside the quick reference in book review or commentaries. He is cited in a handful of articles mostly as an authority on monasticism and mentioned occassionaly in a book review or commentary but precious few instances in the last 40 years where Foucault is being called up to expand the methodological horizon of church history.

The lack of sustained engagement is regrettable. Gitre , Edward J. Studies in Christianity and Culture 73 , no. Studies in Christianity and Culture 70 , no. Studies in Christianity and Culture 67 , no. Beyond Structuralism and Hermeneutics , 2nd ed. Dreyfus , Hubert L.

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University of Chicago Press , , — In keeping with Maffly-Kipp's insistence on scholarly reflexivity, Marx and Foucault might help illuminate the scholarly monisms and reductionisms that occur, in part, because of the unspecified and unacknowledged protestantisms that course through the methodological framework of the field.

On the practical use of Marx, Foucault, and other forms of cultural analysis, see the special issue on the field of American religions for Religion 42, no. This collection of essays, edited by Finbarr Curtis, offer a powerful critique of the legacy of church history in the study of American religion. Powell and Paul J. For promising lines of inquiry into the institutional expanse of American religion, see Michael Warner's work on transnationalism and the evangelical public sphere, Susan Harding's analysis of the force of linguistic networks, Jason Bivins' anatomy of the institutional lives of fear, and Courtney Bender's mapping of new age social networks in Cambridge, MA.

Spirituality and the American Religious Imagination Chicago: University of Chicago Press , Other works that betray more than a casual reading of Foucault and Marx but nonetheless address the methodological problems at hand include Keane , Webb , Christian Moderns: Freedom and Fetish in the Mission Encounter Berkeley: See all formats and pricing Online.

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Volume 15 Issue 1 Mar , pp. Volume 14 Issue 1 Sep , pp. Link to original note: What do Wal-mart healing miracles, drug-resistant bacteria, tea part patriots, the Gulf oil disaster, church reform, The Finger of God film, bloggers, and bank failures have in common? This message is really about a series of trends that seem to be related. These divine nobodies are in shopping malls, soup kitchens, gas stations and on street corners healing every kind of sickness. Healing is no longer confined to church meetings or to special locations like the healing rooms of John Lake.

The second thing worth noting is that few of these healers have credentials. Western medicine has likewise seen trends develop. Based primarily on surgery and drug therapy, there are serious problems on the horizon.

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Institutional Dreams - Volume 83 Issue 4 - John Lardas Modern. Dreams of an Iconic Mosque: Spatial and Temporal Entanglements of a Examining the Fatih Mosque housed in a former Catholic church in the city The Impact of Institutions on Perceptions and Boundaries, edited by.

Antibiotic drug therapy is a major component of medicine. Bacteria are able to adapt to drugs. There is now a very serious problem of drug-resistant bacteria plaguing the medical community.

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We have a number of bacteria presently, for which there is no known treatment. More bacteria are becoming drug-resistant every year. At some point in the future the medical community will be able to offer little in the way of treatment for what were once easily treated conditions. In , a large study was done that revealed a startling fact; the third leading cause of death in America is being treated in our medical system.

An estimated , people die every year as a result of iatrogenic causes — or causes related to treatment. Only heart disease and cancer kill more people. Among the combined causes of iatrogenic death, drug complications not related to dosing was the leading killer, causing an estimated , deaths annually.

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Today, we are unable to buy some of the drugs commonly used for treating critically ill patients. Due to supply problems, there is a nationwide back order on many drugs, including some that are the staples of treating cardiac arrest. Medical practitioners are stuck in an uncomfortable place.

If the drugs we depend on are no longer available — how do we proceed with our treatment? I see two trends going in opposite directions. Traditional medical treatment is in trouble. But the trend can be seen in just one example. Medicine is losing its place of pre-eminence in healing the sick. What is does primarily is treat symptoms.

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And even that is now on a shaky ground. As I walk the hospital corridors, I see proud practitioners in white coats, receiving kudos from grateful patients. We pat ourselves on the back for the great contribution we make to society. And never give any thanks to the One who created us from the dust. I believe this is why the ivory towers of medicine are crumbling. One day soon, street healers will compete head to head with doctors for the same group of patients.

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Notify me of new posts by email. Cited by 1 Cited by. And we should hold that as a treasure but hold it very loosely. Could an auditing session of early Scientology or an instance of Reichian group therapy at Esalen? Volume 14 Issue 1 Sep , pp.

The divine nobodies will win the competition, for one reason; they consistently give glory and honor to God. There is a shift taking place in the world. Medicine is merely one example of it. I had a dream a few weeks ago that spoke about the shift from large, well-known organizations and people to smaller and lesser known ones. In the dream, a hospital and a large fire department managed medical emergencies in a city. A small volunteer rescue squad emerged that began responding to emergencies. They handled the responses without any problems.

In another dream, people who operated in divine healing had attained the respect in society that is now given to surgeons. The process of healing had undergone great advances. The system was very advanced and efficient. Everyone was healed, without exception. My wife had another dream about healing. In hers, a well-known person who operates in healing died in our house.

I tried to resuscitate him for a few minutes but then realized it was time for him to go, so I stopped CPR and allowed him to die. My EMT partner and I removed his body from my house. These dreams symbolize the passing away of an era; the day of the big guns is over. In the coming days, God is going to use thousands of unknown people instead of just the anointed few. But we are in a time when they are being joined by thousands of lesser-known people doing the same things. Our government has become a lumbering, wasteful, behemoth of bureaucracy that spends too much and does too little.

Career politicians who look out for their own interests have become the norm. God has been asked to leave the oval office, the House of Congress and the Supreme Court. Washington has made itself the champion of every cause except righteousness. The Tea Party is one of many things God is building in America that will transform our government. In this shaking up of political powers, those who have dishonored God will be replaced by those who will establish righteousness as the principle by which they govern.

Magazines and newspapers worldwide are in danger of extinction.

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Colleges that teach journalism face the grim reality that there will be no jobs for professional writers in the future. Most magazines are barely able to make ends meet. Major magazines and periodicals long ago abandoned the ways of God, preferring to draw from and pander to secular culture. The shift once again, is from the large to the small.