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Perched on the edge of the Coral Sea in the glorious Whitsundays is a wedding venue simply unmatched anywhere in Australia. Let our wedding team take the stress out of your special day.

2. Make Sure There's Shelter

Everything you need to make your wedding day as memorable as possible is under one roof. Phuket's most luxurious private pool villa resort.

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Heavenly for a honeymoon and out of this world for your wedding. Whether your wedding is formal or informal the sincere interest in your special day will be the same. A dedicated team of professionals who specialise in destination wedding planning.

10 Essential Tips for Planning a Wedding Like an Event Professional

We have 5 exclusive locations on Bali. Here are a few tips for ensuring a sensational outdoor wedding: Make Sure There's Shelter Rain or shine, it's imperative to have a shelter.

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When people consume large quantities of food and drink while sitting, they become full and tired, and the collective energy of the gathering sags. Plus, a destination wedding offers couples, their families, and their friends the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel together and spend an exotic weekend or longer away! Ask your photographer how much time they need for certain photos and they can help build a timeline for you around the ceremony and reception. Toronto-based Wedding and Lifestyle photographer available across Canada and destinations worldwide. Save yourself scouting time by ordering them online at USPS. So, an additional bit of advice is to allot plenty of extra time for photo sessions! Having the right tools and tips ahead of time, will help go a long way when taking the dive into the sometimes overwhelming, but very rewarding process of wedding planning.

Make Use Of Alternative Lighting Options Braedon Photography Hanging lanterns is a great way to light up pathways and give the outdoors a magical, fairy-tale feel. Decorate With Wreaths Ashlee Taylor Dried or fresh flowers nestled in a straw and grapevine wreath are an elegant touch. More than likely, the vast majority of your guests at an intimate wedding will know each other. The friends and family you invite will have shared memories of you and your fiance to retell with one another. At a close-knit event like an intimate wedding, your guests will have the opportunity to make speeches, tell stories, and be an active part of the celebration.

1. Line Up

When planning your intimate wedding, be sure to make room to share the spotlight with everyone who wants to make a speech or two. Our bed and breakfast sits on two acres of picturesque grounds adorned with century-old trees, which provide you with an unparalleled setting for your ceremony and reception. In addition, our dedicated staff and trusted vendor partners will assist you with every detail of planning your wedding at The Sayre Mansion.

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Plan a visit to The Sayre Mansion, so that you can discover for yourself all that our bed and breakfast has to offer! Make it a Destination Wedding One of the best ways to ensure that your wedding is a small, intimate affair is by planning it far from home. Choose an Intimate Venue Forget large hotel ballrooms, huge tented patios, and tired, overused event halls for hundreds of people. Limit the Guest List This may seem like a no-brainer, but keeping your guest list small is an important part of planning an intimate wedding. Keep Your Bridal Party Small Coordinating with large bridal parties can often be a point of stress and difficulty during the wedding planning process.

How to be a professional Wedding MC ( 7 basic tips)

Spoil Your Guests One of the best parts of an intimate wedding is that it allows couples to truly recognize and thank their guests for attending. Share the Spotlight More than likely, the vast majority of your guests at an intimate wedding will know each other. So give a little but at the same time if you have you heart set on something remember it is your day! You may both be stressed and tired from a long run up to the big day.

A long journey or flight is not a good idea when you are already exhausted. Take a couple of days off at home to chill out, take stock and get yourselves ready for a honeymoon on which you can really relax and enjoy yourself. It is true that nothing guarantees success, but a lack of planning can lead to great disappointment and upsets. The further ahead you plan the more options you will have.

Write it all down and keep a clear check list of what you need to do. Make sure you have contingency plans and be ready for possible hitches.

30 Essential Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks

Try to plan how you will deal with and overcome any surprises should they happen. Arrange proper contracts with your suppliers - bands, DJ, florists, wedding caterers etc. Make sure you have everything in writing from your suppliers and give them in return written confirmation. Make yourself aware of any additional costs that could be charged for such things as accommodation, travelling and meals; and ensure the details are in the contract. Check locally to see if any sporting or other major event in your area may cause traffic problems near your wedding reception or whether a holiday period may make air travel or transportation difficult for people getting to locations on time.