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The story of an imaginary word that managed to sneak past our editors and enter the dictionary. How we chose 'feminism'. Waterwitch or Water Witch is a common name for ships. Some ships known by this name include:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Look up water witch in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Waterwitch , water-witch , Water Witch , or variant , may refer to: Ships [ edit ] Waterwitch or Water Witch is a common name for ships. In fact, I seriously couldn't care about the undines at all. Dark tells us we are sup I enjoyed the first book, The Demon Lover, a great deal.

Dark tells us we are supposed to care without giving us cause to. Callie cares, so we are supposed to as well. There is so much going on with the Aelvesgold but I agree with the initial sentiments of the Grove. Aelvesgold gives extra perks that they can live without, with the exception of one character who uses it to help her daughter. I found too much emphasis was placed on the Aelvesgold and I seriously got sick of hearing about it.

My second biggest gripe happens too much in any work of media geared towards. Everybody is in love with Callie. Everybody wants to have sex with Callie. And they basically do. Callie just isn't that interesting. She has zero personality albeit more than Bella Swan and I suppose she is supposed to be gorgeous.

She can probably be a reader stand-in to live vicariously through, but it doesn't do anything for me. If I wanted to read about a girl getting it on with many men for no reason other than they can, I'll go read a different kind of book. Like the first book, I felt that this one is also too bloody long for the story it is trying to tell. Considering that there is far less racy bits in this book, how did this book get so long?

It was long and boring. There are way too many characters, too many plots, and too many subplots going on. There's IMP, the Grove, her issues with her house, her pet mouse, the wards on her, her power, her learning how to use magic, her issues with Liam, her sex dreams, her co-workers, other people getting hurt, and You know how Harry Potter did a fantastic job of giving us many vibrant characters, issues, and concepts? JK Rowling did it in a way that was ordered and clear. The Water Witch was so jumbled I sincerely doubt the author had a clear vision of what the story was going to be about before going in.

Remember, your story can't be about everything in your head. The reason why I gave this book three out of four stars is because as I read, I still hoped that Callie might go back to her demon lover. Will she say his name and bring him back? Will she love him and make him flesh. Or is he actually evil like everyone keeps telling her?

I was actually mildly interested in whether or not the last door to Faerie would be closed or remain opened. Unfortunately, the ride to the answers we receive or not is slow, long, and sometimes boring. I am not sure if I will ever read the last book in this trilogy. Unfortunately, some elements in the novel prevented me from immersing myself into the world as fully as I wanted to and this in turn affected my enjoyment of it.

I think there were too many things occurring in the novel and not enough attention given to all of them. There are a lot more supernatural beings added to the mix, the Nordic I think handyman gets badly hurt and is stuck somewhere i I quite enjoyed Demon Lover, the first in the series so I expected to like The Water Witch just as much. For all the events populating the plot, the story itself seems to lack tension. Even though the odds are high, the door to faery could close, Callie assures the reader she has it under control when that is the last thing she does.

I wished the author had chosen one thing out of all the things happening and worked to develop it as much as was possible before introducing something else. The ending is just too simplistic and not in a good way. View all 4 comments. Nov 13, Dianne rated it really liked it Shelves: Book two in the Fairwick Chronicles Series has built on book one, The Demon Lover, and created a much more in-depth, detailed story!

Finally, I can say I like Callie! She is fighting back, trying to unbind her powers any way she can! The changes in her character seem real, her insecurities are still there, just not so 'in-your-face' and overpowering. I felt like she was finally learning to actually LIVE. Supernaturals again abound, throughout the book, but they are far more 'human' and fleshed out, working together to save their way of life when caught in the middle of two factions fighting over the gateway to the other realm where the fey are from.

Should the gate be destroyed? Is it worth the costs to all involved? Is there a sinister agenda behind those who want to destroy the last link to a long and rich history? Meanwhile, Callie is still finding herself attracted to mysterious men who seem a little dark, still choosing poorly He seems almost too good to be real. I found this book to be the best so far and hope to see more like it! Four well-earned stars for a great plot! Nov 08, Charlotte Phillips rated it it was ok. I can't say that I really enjoyed this book.

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Perhaps it was because I hadn't read the first one in the series, or perhaps it was because it seemed like a whole bunch of twaddle like there wasn't too much purpose, depth or meaning to it. It was an irritating kinda book because of all the stupidity in sexual references. It was almost like I was reading fifty shades of grey again but a teenage version.

I think at least half the book was based on the girl having an orgasm over and over again by some I can't say that I really enjoyed this book.

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I think at least half the book was based on the girl having an orgasm over and over again by someone that wasn't actually there with her. It was annoying because it was like ugh, seriously, is this going to be the main focus of the book that I am reading. But other than that the book seemed a little confusing in that you weren't really sure of who was what and who was where. Like I said, it could be something to do with the fact that I have not read the first book in the series, but what I got from this one was that you didn't actually need to read the first one. Im guessing the first one had something to do with a guy called Liam who is an inccubus who was in love with Callie.

Everyone thought Liam was the inccubus that was sucking the life force out of all the students at the school, but it turned out that he was just sucking the life force out of callie and someone else was responsible for the other students. Liam and callie had hot sex which meant they were connected to each other and callie learnt she was half fey and half witch, her grandma claiming that she was not as powerful as she thought she was.

Callie is a doorkeeper which means she can open and close the door to the land of the Fey and she is powerful indeed. The incubus sucking the life force out of the students tried to kill Callie but she was saved my Liam who she then banished, despite her love for him. End of book one. See I told you I didn't need to even read the first one, but perhaps this just represents how simplistic the books are, and the very fact that there isn't really a whole lot going on in them.

At least a few times I did consider putting the book down and moving onto another one, but I decided to give it a chance. I admit, the ending was actually pretty good especially when I was starting to think that Bill was perhaps the evil one because he just seemed to nicey nice.

But at the same time the ending almost seemed a little lame as well because the emotional concept that you would perhaps see within the context of other books, just wasn't there. It seemed to be lacking in something but I couldn't really tell what it was that it was lacking. I just didn't really get that overall feel for any of the characters. But that could just mean its not really a book for me, thats my opinion and like I respect yours, I expect you to respect mine. Im not saying its a bad book because the plot was good and there were bits and pieces within it that had me hooked and not wanting to put it down.

It just wasn't all that, in my opinion, so I got a little tiresome of it after a while. Therefore I give this book a fair two star rating, for its review of its ok, but its not something I would pick up again if I had a choice.

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Dec 19, Lucy Saint-smith rated it liked it. This is a really terrible book, but I sort of liked it The story follows her trying to resolve her romance with an incubus from the last novel, help out some undines This is a really terrible book, but I sort of liked it The story follows her trying to resolve her romance with an incubus from the last novel, help out some undines and keep the door to Faery open. At the centre of this is an exceptionally flimsy love triangle, the outcome of which is obvious to anyone with a brain. This leads into the main problem with the book: Callie does not appear to possess a brain.

There were several times when I was mentally screaming at my Kindle "oh for goodness sake you stupid woman! It was incredibly cheesy and over-dramatic. There is also quite a bit of terribly-written sex. I also have a personal hatred of stories where different mythologies are haphazardly blended together unless it's done very well see Neil Gaiman's work for good examples.

I also dislike people who describe themselves as "spiritual" and subscribe to an assorted melange of overlapping beliefs.

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This books features angels, fairies, Reiki, Norse gods and Wicca amongst other things, with no convincing explanation about why all these things exist together. I did wonder if this book was intended as a parody, or pastiche of the genre, but it appears not. In terms of story, setting and characters it is dire. Having said all this, the writing style is good, I did find myself drawn into the book and keen to read to the end, and I would read another one, although I can't quite pin down why. I have subsequently read the first book in this serious The Demon Lover which is a vast improvement on The Water Witch, much less schmaltzy although with even more dodgy sex scenes.

I think that it would have improved The Water Witch if I had read this one first, so if you want to read this series read them in order.

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Waterwitch, water-witch, Water Witch, or variant, may refer to: Ships[edit]. Waterwitch or Water Witch is a common name for ships. Some ships known by this. Water Witch is a science fiction novel by authors Connie Willis and Cynthia Felice that was first published in Plot introduction[edit]. On the desert planet of.

I was pretty excited to read this once I finally got around to cracking it open and for the most part, Water Witch delivers. There are a few downfalls to this that will probably push some readers away, notably that the book's plot isn't really all that streamlined- it sort of gently ping-pongs its way through the book. Not enough to where I really thought it detracted, but at times it did seem a little distracted, as if there were too many things to include in this second volume. The good thing i I was pretty excited to read this once I finally got around to cracking it open and for the most part, Water Witch delivers.

The good thing is that Dark still manages to weave a pretty interesting world. I like that there are so many strange things, such as being able to heal wounds by way of knitting and spellbooks that reveal their contents only after you push a magical disclaimer button. The characters aren't bad either and while I admit that the secondary characters are sometimes more intriguing than our main character Callie, she's still a likable enough person in her own right. What sort of threw me sometimes was that while the plot lines are more something you'd find in an UF or PNR novel, the writing style felt more like a Sophie Kinsella-esque chick-lit book.

I love Ms Kinsella to tatters, but this did lead to some of the more serious elements of the book feeling a little less serious than they needed to be. This won't keep some from really enjoying the book, at least it didn't in my personal case, but I can see where this would frustrate other readers. Water Witch is like the junk food equivalent of a cupcake or cotton candy.

Mouthwateringly delicious, but afterwards you still feel like you're hungry. That said, I'm still looking eagerly towards the final book in the trilogy. Water Witch might have been a little scattered at times and the writing a little too light feeling for its content, but I'm still raring to go for book three. Juliet dark drew me right back into the world of Fairwick with The Water Witch.

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The previous book is recapped well, without feeling repetitive. Is there a sinister agenda behind those who want to destroy the last link to a long and rich history? You might've seen this one before. Callie herself is already very powerful but needs help because her powers are very erratic and dangerous. It was almost like I was reading fifty shades of grey again but a teenage version.

I daresay that Dark's command of the written word and her amazing ability to paint a picture and create a world both gothic and beautiful, dark and charming at the same time is a large part of why I am so in love with this series. The setting once again pulled me right in I know that I certainly do! There are so many small details buried within this story that it and the setting simply come alive in the imagination. Ihad no difficulty at all feeling as if I was right there with Callie as she works to fix up her new home, exorcize her memories of Liam and make new friends all while exploring her newfound powers and dealing with all of the politics that surrounds her.

And once gain the secondary characters breathe extra life into each scene and help create the feeling of a true small town and witches coven. The pacing of the novel did seem a bit slow to me during certain sections The quasi love triangle or quadrangle as it were also frustrated me a little bit.

I just wish that Cassie were a little more decisive or better able to know her own mind. Every man that crosses her threshold seems to hold some attraction for her Although I didn't love The Water Witch as much as The Demon Lover, it was an immensly enjoyable read and, on the whole, I was quite pleased with the developments in this edition of the Fairwick Chronicles.

And once again Dark leaves us astonished and desperate for more. I can't wait until I can dig in to her next book. Placed in a small but enchanting town with very interesting characters and world-building, this story is absolutely captivating and worth reading! The story continues from where the first book ended.

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Callie is hunted in her dreams by her incubus lover while another very dangerous creature is trying to be free in this world. In this book she learns more about her past and her powers and we can see that not only her powers but her character has also great development. Now, she is more determined to accept her true nature and be useful to her new friends. I really liked almost every secondary character in this book because everyone has unique elements.

I loved the descriptions of the town, of the house and of the creatures. Of course, the cliffhanger at the end of the book! So, the plot and the characters are very good in this story and I totally recommend it of course, you have to read the first book in the series before reading this! But in the nearby thicket of the Honeysuckle Forest, and in the currents of the rushing Undine River, more trouble is stirring. But, it was easy enough to read as a stand alone and I will probably go back and read book one to find out more of the backstory. My favorite part of the story involved Callie learning to unlock her powers.

The love story was ultimately sweet and sad but I will admit that there were times that I was a little confused about who was who. The political factions, including the Grove, were all too familiar and probably a little too true to real life.

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Even witches want to eliminate others who are different and may be, therefore, a threat. Almost every sort of mystical creature is represented — witch, troll, fairy, succubus, incubus, etc. I would prefer to have had fewer creatures with more development of each and their powers. Thanks to Random House- Ballantine for providing a copy through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Apr 29, Melissapalmer rated it really liked it. This book is the second in a paranormal trilogy. It is a really good read, as was book 1. Callie is a doorkeeper She is also a college professor Her small town is magical and has become her home The Grove wants to close the door between the worlds, after all the paranormal beings they deem lesser than them go back to the fairy world. Callie's friends are hoping that she can keep that from happening. Add to that Callie's conflicting feeling about her somewhat demonic boyfriend who was banished, and that means she has a pretty full plate.

The writing style is nicely gothic. The characters are interesting and the setting is great I love the small town, college campus atmosphere. This book has a great plot of twists and turns, romance, sex and of course ends in such a way that book 3 will be the next book I start. I highly recommend this series. How am I going to survive until the next book comes out?

May 19, Anthi rated it really liked it Shelves: And I loved the book! This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. My review contains spoilers and they're are mostly my thoughts as I went with the book The Water Witch , for me, was a bit disappointing. Romance was still quite lacking and Callie was pretty clumsy throughout the story, missing obvious clues about things and being attracted to whichever guy made a move on her. But the story overall was enthralling as usual. In a short recap: Callie always was attracted to the lore and mythologies, and she thought it was only because her now deceased parents made her addicted to fairy tales and other stories.

She even dreamt of a Prince charming, not knowing that prince charming was actually an Incubus. As Callie grew up, she never felt that she can love anyone. Then, she graduated doing a paper on the sex lives of Demon Lovers. In reality, Callie was having nightly visits from an Incubus which would leave her Later, Callie takes up teaching at the small town of Fairwick, at their college. There she finds one trouble after another; all are supernatural kinds.

But she also gains some supernatural friends; Dean of the college, Ms. There is Brock, her handyman, an ancient Norse divinity and his brothers. There are more supernatural creatures, such as some vampires, more witches and fey, even a lederc! This queen is the one who took the Incubus from the realm of human to the Fairy. Callie gradually learns of her inheritance; her mother being a witch and father, a fey. Anyway, all of them are ancient beings, have been on earth almost since the beginning of The house enchanted and attracted Callie since the beginning.

She got to learn more about the Incubus and the fact that he is obsessed with her. Callie wants more and the Incubus is determined to win her. He returns later as a professor of poetry, an adorable man in my estimation, Liam.

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He thought this way he can win her. One definitely was her inability to love Liam back. Liam was sweet and super sexy, as was the Incubus. Even though I guessed, Callie had no clue to that. And when the students of the college became ill, and she found out the Incubus was back, Callie blames him for it and becomes determined to banish him to the Borderlands. It was just horrible for me to read. I cried for Liam, and his pain, even though everyone kept telling Callie that he knows how to manipulate his victims for his own gains.

But the Incubus does save Callie from certain death at the end, proving his love or obsession for her. Callie is missing Liam but trying to move on too. He always told Callie that only because she wanted, is why he could take up a human form. And now, in the dream, he tempts her; she can have him back, only she has to will it to be so.

Callie is ever in confusion about her feelings that at times it just grated on my nerves. Super hot Incubus sex is all good, but love? Being a doorkeeper, only Callie can open and close things and there are some young undines in the river Undine who need to be saved. Now, Undines lay eggs that hatch in every yrs.

One such occurrence happened yrs ago, when a fisherman fell in love with an undine. They married and later, she laid some eggs that hatched recently to young undine females there are mostly females.