John H. Kellogg: Medical Mogul and the Cereal War (Titans of Fortune)


  • It is also significant that his diets were swayed towards foods that provided high fiber levels that eased his frequent bouts with constipation. Will Kellogg, his younger brother, was seen as a problem student, a young man who needed to quit school and go to work, someone who might not amount to much. John, the older brother, was the most odd, between his fascination with bodily functions and his horrible racial prejudices. I liked that the prices fo PopSugar Reading Prompt: It is a fascinating history of the Kellogg family that includes a history of medicine in the early 20th Century, the development of breakfast and health foods, tied to advances in automobiles, and the tremendous role they played in American history. As the subtitle suggests, the relationship between the two was fraught, with John treating Will as a lackey and much conflict over the rights to corn flakes. Nevertheless, this is an illuminating portrait of a foundational American family and their business empire.

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