The Queen Of Sinister: The Dark Age

The Queen of Sinister

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There may be identifying marks from previous use. So Caitlin is humanity's last hope, but she carries a terrible burden: Book Three of the Age of Misrule.

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The Devil In Green: The Hounds of Avalon: The Dark Age 3. Kingdom of the Serpent: Mark Chadbourn was raised in the mining communities of South Derbyshire. He studied Economic History at Leeds before becoming a national newspaper journalist.

The Queen Of Sinister: The Dark Age (GOLLANCZ S.F.)

Here we meet Thackery and Harvey, struggling to survive against the local gang who are killing plague victims. Life is bleak within the city and little hope remains. Thackery finds and takes care of Caitlin, who has retreated into herself and is non-communicative. Thackery is captured by the gang but rescued by Caitlin whose hidden persona emerges as The Morrigan.

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A new Dark Age has falled across Britain; gods and monsters walk the land. In this new time, myth and legend has become realtity; nothing is quite as it seems. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. British Fantasy Award–winner Chadbourn The Queen of Sinister (The Dark Age) by [Chadbourn, Mark].

Caitlin, as The Morrigan, continues to the House of Pain. Once there she is given a choice to remain as its queen, with her son, in exchange for giving up being a Sister of Dragons, the fight for Existence and a cure for the plague.

Europe's Coming Dark Age

This she achieves, the plague is stopped and the story concludes with Mahalia, Jack and Crowther heading off into the Otherworld, Caitlin no longer tied to the House of Pain, but also no longer a Sister of Dragons nor the Morrigan's host. Her son is now free to pass on to the Afterlife with her husband. Thackery and Harvey follow her to the House of Pain and leave it with her. This story is set mainly in Oxford where the Government is trying to restore law and order after the Fall. Hunter, a Government special forces agent and his friend Hal, a Government office clerk are the central characters who find themselves Brothers of Dragons up against a dark power, The Void which wants to stamp out all of Existence.

Believing her dead Mallory escapes with Hunter to seek out the remaining original Brothers and Sisters of Dragons. Hal keeps his identity as a Brother of Dragons secret but goes on his own mission to find out what he can to help the fight against the Void.

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He has several encounters with creatures from the Otherworld. Caitlin regains the Morrigan and the two help Lugh and his court escape a siege before returning to Oxford. During the final battle against the Void's army, Hal is accused of killing the Prime Minister. This is a ruse by the Government to get all the Brothers and Sisters together in order to sacrifice them to The Void. The Government want law and order restored and see the unpredictability that magic, and the Brothers and Sisters of Dragons offer as a threat to this.

The Void regains control, people return to their mundane ordinary lives and the world has reverted to how it was before The Age of Misrule. Hal escapes The Void and enters the Blue Fire to travel through time and set in motion events to bring back the original leader of the Brothers and Sisters of Dragons, Jack Churchill , as Existence's last hope in the battle with the Void. The title of the book refers to The Hounds of Avalon , who once heard baying indicate the end of the world.

The books strip away the trappings of modern society to see how we would cope against the great challenges of life without our support network. The books look at the fallibility of human nature , and at what can happen when different beliefs clash. They also question the wisdom of those who seek power attaining it.