Travailleur, au poteau (MT.ROMAN) (French Edition)


Le suicide ou abstention, ne rien faire, pourquoi? Tel, sache, entre les accessoires humains, il a lieu tout seul: Combien personnelle plus avant, la conscience, sans ce simulacre barbare: Nous crierons au scandale. Un motif convient, pour se priver ainsi: Le vers, trait incantatoire! Silence au raisonneur —.

Termes en leur acception courante de feuillage et de sons. Repuiser, simplement, au destin. Toute fuite plus avant, revient en tant que fleuve. Ce que vous pensez de la Ponctuation. Le dernier, moralement tous: Une Variation, le Livre Instrument spirituel. Charaire et C ie. Les fonds dans le ballet. J'ai campos aujourd'hui, to-day I am free, it's my day off. From the old school expression primarius dabit hodie ad campos, the headmaster will give a holiday to-day, to play about the fields. N'en croyez rien, c'est un canard, don't you believe that, it's only a rumour, a hoax.

Je ne lis pas ce canard-Id, I don't read that rag. Lump of sugar dipped in brandy or coffee. Trempe comme un canard, as wet as a drowned cat. To pelt with missiles, to pepper, canasson, sb. One who lacks pluck, coward. Le train A ete mis en capilotade, the train was smashed to atoms. J'ai le dos en capilotade, my back is sore all over, black and blue. Le capiston, the old man.

To show the white feather, to have cold feet.

Fairs capout, to kill. Medical practitioner or student, medico. Carabin de la comdte. Violent, intense of its kind. Un toupet carabind, no end of a cheek. To decamp, to make tracks. Nasty, ill-tempered man or woman. C'est une came, he is a rotter. Tirer une carotte d quelqu'un, to coax money out of somebody, and generally to humbug. To do, to humbug. To get by fraud. Carotter une permission, to wangle a leave. One who carotte, impostor, humbug, shirker, also malingerer.

As de carreau, see as de carreau. To put oneself somewhere. To lead a fast life. Bouffer de la case, to be a prisoner, to do time. Avoir, prendre son casque, to be, to get drunk. Je le ferai casquer, I'll make him fork out. Denotes a milder form of intoxication. Disturbance, trouble, loss, etc. II y aura de la sasse si le patron apprend cela, there will be a row if the boss hears of that. Casser la croute, to have a snack. Qu'est-ce qu'il va te casser quand tu renireras!

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Casser sa pipe, to die, kick the bucket, peg out. Casser des cailloux, to be in a penal colony. Casser du Sucre sur la tete de quelqu'un, to criticize, run down some one, to speak maliciously of somebody. Informer, sneak, police spy. To run, to make off. II nous cavale sur le ciboulot a variant of il nous court sur le ciboulot , he is boring us. To get off, to make tracks.

Avoir la cerise, to have bad luck. Faire du chahut, to be noisy, to make, kick up a row. Allons, pas de chahut! To indulge in horse-play with, to ballyrag. Hen a fait un chambard, he made a fine to-do about it. La revolution russe a ete un chambardement general, the Russian revolution has been a general earthquake.

On a tout chambarde chez moi, everything has been upset in my house. Si vous ne venez pas Qa chambarde tous mes plans, if you don't come it upsets all my plans, it upsets my apple-cart. To be shaky of gait, to be dotty on one's pins.

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Qa m'a chamboule, it gave me quite a turn. Vague term of often playful abuse. Un vieux chameau, an old, ugly, peevish woman or man , an old rotter. Us en ont une veine! Coffee mixed with brandy. Devoir une chandelle d quclqu'un, to have a debt of gratitude to somebody. Je vous dois une rude, fiere, chandelle!

I am awfully obliged to you 1 2. Faire des economies de bouts de chandelle, to be penny wise. Tenir la chandelle, to be a mere spectator kept off the game. To shout, bawl, protest. Qu'est- ce qu'il va chanter si vous Stes en retard! Je le ferai si ga me chante, I'll do it if I choose, if it suits me. Introduction to an article. To rob, pinch, scrounge. To perform a surgical operation esp. On I' a charcute troisfois, he's been operated upon three times.

Faire Charlemagne at cards , to leave the game when winning without giving the others a chance of getting their money back. To humbug, fool, pull the leg of. Ne me charrie pas, don't you cod me. Sans charrier, without joking, honest injun! II charrie, he is codding us. Soldier belonging to the chasseurs d'Afrique, light cavalry for African service. Offrir un vevre de chdteau-la-pompe, to offer a glass of water. Allusion to vintage wines being often known under such names as ChS. Qa ne luifait ni chaud nifroid, he does not care a bit. On m'a chauffe mon tabac, they've bagged my tobacco.

Chaussette d clous, shoe. Malade comme un cheval, as sick as a dog. Un remede de cheval, a kill-or-cure remedy. Travailler comme un cheval, to work like a nigger. Se faire des cheveux, to fret oneself, 2. Avoir mal aux cheveux, to feel out of sorts after a spree. Tire par les cheveux, iar-ietcYied. Comme des cheveux sur la soupe, out of place, unseasonably.

Cette remarque est venue comme des cheveux sur la soupe, this remark was quite uncalled for. Te preter ma montre? Non, mais chez qui? To blub, blubber, whine. Inclined to blubber, cry-baby. Des gens chics, stylish, distinguished people. Un chic vitement, a fashionable dress. Un chic diner, a fine dinner. II y avait de la musique d I'enterrement, c'dtait chic, there was music at the funeral, it was a swagger affair! Qa n'est pas chic de sa part, it's mean of him.

Un chic type, a good pal, a brick. Avoir du chic, to be stylish. Faire du chic, to swank. Fanciful derivation from chic, same meaning. Je te parie que je le lui dirai. I bet I'll tell him. Affected looks and manners. Faire des chichis, to make a fuss, to be snobbish, to give one- self airs. Je ne les frequente pas, ils font des chichis, ce sont des gens d chichis, I don't have anything to do with them, they are too affected, formal, snobbish. Je n'ai pu avoir la permission, il y a eu toutes sortes de chichis, I could not get the permission, there were all sorts of difficulties.

Short curls of false hair. Avoir du chien, to have winning, alluring ways. File boite, mais elle a tout de mime du chien, she is lame, but she is fascinating all the same. Un verre de chien tout pur, a glass of neat brandy. Mon chien, mon chien- chien, ducky. This word is used in quite a number of low expressions denoting dislike, disgust, etc. To be in opposition to wish. Qa me chiffonne de le faire, mais je sais que je le dois, it goes against the grain to do it, but I know I must.

Du tabac de chine, cadged tobacco. To be a rag-picker.

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Collez ga dans un coin, shove it in a corner. Un froid d'attaque, a frightful cold. L' avoir amere, to be bitterly disappointed. Faire un coup de tete, to play the giddy goat, to act on a sudden impulse. Rough unmannerly person, bear. Vous voild bien arrange!

On m'a chine, they've been scoffing at me, they've pulled my leg! To get by begging, to cadge. Ne pas valoir chipette, to be worth nothing. Couper la chique d quelqu'un, to interrupt somebody abruptly. Qa m'a coupe la chique! Poser sa chique, to keep quiet. Quand j'ai vu la tournure que ga prenait, j'ai posd ma chique, when I saw the way things were going, I kept mum. Poser sa chique, to die, kick the bucket. II fait le malade, c'est du chiqud, he pretends to be ill, it's a sham, faked up. Je ne I'aime pas il fait trap de chique, I don't like him, he is too affected, snobbish, he swanks too much.

To pretend, to make believe, fake up, sham. Often ironical, as in Oh, chocote va! Fine of its kind, topping. The form chocnoso is found in Balzac's Cousine Bette. De la chocotte, something good, advan- tageous, profitable of its kind. I have been duped, cheated, made a fool of. Substitute used when somebody's name is unknown. Je vais lui rentrer dans le chou! I'll go for him! C'est chou vert et vert chou, it's six of one and half a dozen of the other. Vous enferez des choux, des raves said by a person who gives another some present, money, etc. Fine, good of its kind, Ai, topping. Chouette pays, diner, femme, etc.

Courir sur le cihoulot, to bore. II me court sur le cihoulot, he's getting on my nerves. Je I'emmenerai au cine, I'll take him to the movies, to see the pictures. Je n'ai pas ete pris, mais il etait moins cinq! I was not caught, but it was a narrow shave! En cinq sec, immediately, in less than no time, without hesitation.

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Faire un travail en cinq sec, to dispatch a job in no time. From the game of ecarte, where a game may be played in one rubber cinq sec — or in two. Cinq et trois font huit, expression meaning that a person is limping or lame. Mounted policeman of Paris. To die, peg out, shufHe off, snuff it. To die, to go west. Soldiers in their last year of service. A la cle, expletive and somewhat intensifying expression.

Person to deal with pejorative. Un drdle de client, a queer customer. Not to be confused with the English ' clique,' the French equiva- lent of which is coterie. Only used in the stock phrase: J'ai pris mes cliques et mes claques et je suis parti, I went off, I cleared out usually implying some disgust. Worn out, wobbly machine, instrument.

Mettre au clou, to put in pawn, to pop, put away. Ma montre est au clou, my watch is up the spout. River le clou d quelqu'un, to make a successful retort to somebody. Je lui ai rive son clou, I choked him off, I sat upon him. Clouer le bee d quelqu'un, to make a decisive retort to somebody, fa lui clouera le bee J that'll stop his mouth! Poser ses clous, to down tools. Avoir sa cocarde, to be drunk. C'est cochon de se conduire comme fa avec mot! Smutty talk or action.

Se mettre, s'enfiler, quelque chose dans le coco, to put something away in one's stomach, to put something down one's gullet. Fellow always in bad sense. Un sale coco, a rotter, a bad egg. Un drdle de coco, a queer stick. Cocaine, drug sold secretly, on the Q. A la noix de coco, bad of its kind. Des boni- ments d la noix de coco, specious, empty talk, faked argumentation. Ma cocotte, ma cocotte cherie, my darling, ducky dear.

To put into prison. Recevoir un coup de poing sur le coin de la gueule, to get a blow on the mug. Blague dans le coin, without joking. Non, mais blague dans le coin, viendras-tu?

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About us. Exclusive Property Consultancy is an estate agency based in the centre of the French Riviera, in the old village of Biot. We specialise in the sale and. Slang in the mouth * In France as in England there was comparatively little in the War vocabulary which was really new. .. Qa n'est pas un travail d conjier d un barbouille de cet dge-ld, this is not a job to be COLLET-MONT^ 57 COMPLIMENT (6) (Schoolboy's word.) Connais- tu ce roman? poteau. poteau, sh. m.

No, but, seriously, will you come? Cohabitation of man and woman not legally married ; such a couple. Who cannot be got rid of. Ce qu'il est collant I' animal! Faites chauffer la colle! Mariage a la colle, concubinage. Le maitre m'a fichu une colle, the master kept me in. Difficult question put to a pupil or candidate. Poser, pousser une colle, to put such a question. Collez ga dans un coin, shove it in a corner.

Collez Qa ou vous voudrez, stick it down anywhere. Je lui collerai mon poing sur la figure, I'll land him one on the jaw. Colle-toi fa dans le cornet, just eat that, swallow that. Qa ne colle pas, tous les deux, they don't agree with each other. Familiar vocative in exclamative sentences, such as: Mon pauvre colon, t'as pas de veine, poor old chap, that's rotten luck! Scheme, arrangement, trick, cunning device. Une bonne combine, a clever move. II connatt les combines, he knows a trick or two, he knows the ropes, he's up to snuff.

Former name of the game of cards now called manille, hence carabin de la comete, sharper. Filer la comete, to sleep in the open air.

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Envoyer quelqu'un d la comedie, to cause somebody to be out of work. Et comment I sure! Rengainer son compliment, not to say any more. I won't say any more about it. I should think so! Avoir la comprenoire difficile, not to understand easily. Un verre de consolation, a glass of brandy. On a fait un diner d la coque! Porter des comes, to be a cuckold.

S'enfiler quelque chose dans le cornet, to put something down one's gullet. Avoir la cosse, to be lazy, not to feel up to work. Avoir les cdtes en long, to be a sluggard. Only used as a slang word in the call Eh la coterie! II a accepte, mais il y a eu du coton, he accepted, but it was hard to persuade him. Avoir une couche understood de betise , to be extremely dense. Lever le coude, to make free with the bottle to crook one's elbow. Silly trick, silly words, blunder.

Unable to make himself obeyed, ragged by his pupils. C'est un homme coule, it's all up with him, he's done for.

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Se la couler douce, to take it easy. Monter le coup d quelqu'un, to deceive some one. On m'a montd le coup I I've been codded. Ne pas en ficher, fiche, f outre, un coup, not to do a stroke of work. Valoir le coup, to be worth while. Faire le coup du lapin, to murder. Uke a rabbit, with a blow on the nape.

Faire le coup du pere FranQois, to murder esp. Faire la cent coups, to play all sorts of pranks. II a fait les cent coups avant son mariage, he led a fast life before his marriage. Se donner un coup de torchon, to have a set-to. Faire un coup de tete, to play the giddy goat, to act on a sudden impulse. Faire un sale coup d quelqu'un, to play a dirty trick upon some one. II a la coupe! Faire sauter la coupe, a card -sharper's trick, slipping. Couper dans le pont, to be deceived.

Ne pas couper dans quelgue chose, not to believe something. Couper a quelque chose, to manage to avoid something. Couper d une corvee, to dodge a fatigue- duty. Ne pas y couper, to be in for it. II n'y coupera pas de huit jours d'arrSts, he's in for eight days' C. Man, woman, of loose life. Courir sur le ciboulot, sur I' haricot, sur le systdme d quelqu'un, to bore somebody. Avoir la peau trop courte, to be lazy. C'est son pere etc. II a fallu cracker, I had to fork out. Je lui ai fait cracher cent francs, I screwed a hundred francs out of him.

Tenir le crachoir, to talk, speechify, chatter. C'est toujours lui qui tient le crachoir, nobody can get a word in edgeways. Avoir du cran, to be plucky. To swagger, to put on side. C'est une crapule ne vous y fiez pas, he is a bad egg, a bad lot, don't you trust him. Un coup crapule, a mean, dirty, treacherous trick. Conter des craques, to fib. Unkind, mischievous, mean act. Faire une crasse d quelqu'un, to behave unkindly, meanly, toward some one.

C'est la crime des homines, he is the best man in the world. Small restaurant where not only cream, milk, and the like may be had, but often any kind of food. Changer de crdmerie, to go to another place, to go elsewhere without any reference to the proper meaning of the word. Cripage de chignon, fight between women. Se criper le chignon, to fight between women , to have a set-to, to quarrel. N'avoir plus de cresson stir la fontaine, to be bald.

Difficult, puzzling, entailing a good deal of hard thinking. To give an appetite. Se creuser le tete, to think hard, to try to under- stand. Avoir le nez creux, to be shrewd. Je m'en doutais, j'ai eu le nez creux I I thought as much, I've been cute! Action of crever i. C'est une crevaison de travailler comme ga! Une histoire crevanie, a killing story. Avoir la crkve, to be very ill. C'est la crhe id! Je vais attraper la creve!

I'm sure to catch my death here! Stock phrase used when a place is bad, too cold, too hot, stuffy, etc. La crever, to be starved to death, to be very hungry. Avez vous quelque chose d bouffer, on la crtve f have you got some grub, we are famished? On s'cst crevd, we had a good laugh. Lean and parched like a cricket. One sometimes adds ravageur, this epithet being perhaps suggested by the destruction worked by crickets, and denoting in the woman a tendency to bustling, fussy activity.

To make off, to make tracks. Ma crotte, my darling.

Bad picture, a daub. S'ennuyer comme una croute de pain dcrrihc un mur, to be bored to death. Un vieux crouton, an old crock. Se faire cueillir, to be caught, to get nabbed. Serrer la cuiller d quelqu'un, to shake hands with some one, to shake some one's flipper. Ne pas y alter avec le dos de la cuiller, to flatter unduly, to lay it on thick. Tanner le cuir a quelqu'un, to give some one a good thrashing, a hiding.

Latin de cuisine, dog Latin. To pump information, esp. Je suis cuit, it's all up with me, cuite, sh. Avoir, prendre la cuiie, to be, to get drunk. II se cuite, he's a, boozer. Tirer au cut, to dodge duties, to shirk, to swing the lead. Used in a number of more or less indecent expressions. C'etait un certain culot de voire part, it was pretty cool of you! Prendre une culotte, to get drunk.

To lose at cards. Coloured of a pipe. Any priest and not necessarily a cure properly so called. Systeme D, system consisting in showing resource- fulness under any difficult condition. Employer le systeme D, to shift for oneself even by using un- scrupulous means, to wangle. Alter d dache, to go to hell. Envoyer d dache, to send to the devil. Va le dire d dache! The name Dache is found in a traditional song of the Zouaves.

One sometimes says envoyer chez Dache, le perruquier des zouaves. Only used in the expression n'entraver que dalle. Je n'entrave que dalle, I don't understand, I can't make it out. Se rincer la dalle, to wet one's whistle. Rincer la dalle d quelqu'un, to stand some- body a drink. Avoir la dalle en pente, to be fond of a drink, to booze. Vulgar people think it rude to say voire femme, and make it a rule to substitute voire dame.

Dame blanche, bottle of white wine. II n'y a pas de danger! Allez vous sortir par un temps pareil? La danser, to be thrashed. Tu vas la danser, I am going to give you a good thrashing. Quick, in less than no time. Slap in the face. C'est comme des dattes, it is impossible to get it, don't you wish you may get it, nothing doing. Ne pas en ficher une datte, not to work at all.

To shift for one's self, to manage to get out of some trouble by one's own means. S'il a fait des betises qu'il se debarbouille, if he has got into a fix, let him get out of it as best he can. To dismiss from service, to give the sack. Je les debecquete pr. I'm fed up with them, they make me spew. Veux-tu decaniller de Id! To get out of bed, to show a leg. To make great efforts, to exert oneself. To go, to leave the place. Our Modular Conveyor Platform is now available for chilled and deep freeze areas.

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