Object-Oriented Programming in C++ (Kaleidoscope)

Kaleidoscope: mixing objects, constraints, and imperative programming

Not a technical manual by any means.

  • Kaleidoscope: mixing objects, constraints, and imperative programming;
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It explains the language and syntax very plainly. Great book, interesting read. The format is proper for any programming topic it discusses.

Kaleidoscope: using design patterns in CS1

Another good thing is it manages not to be so drawn out when there are so many points about the subject. TheAccess code or CD is not provided with these editions unless specified above.

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The design and implementation of Kaleidoscope'90-A constraint imperative programming language

Virtual Functions and Other Subtleties. The Standard Template Library.

Answers to Questions and Exercises. Additional resources for The Origin of Concurrent Programming: From Semaphores to Remote Procedure Calls.


Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. "Object-Oriented Programming in C++" begins with the basic principles of the C++ programming language and. This books (Object-Oriented Programming in C++ (Kaleidoscope) [PDF]) Made by Robert Lafore About Books Begins with the basic principles.

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The Origin of Concurrent Programming: From Semaphores to by Per Brinch Hansen.