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Then All Hell Breaks Loose. Kindle Edition , pages. Protected By The Damned 1.

Torn Asunder: A Supernatural Action Adventure Opera

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Torn Asunder , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Apr 06, Runningrabbit rated it really liked it. Katie becomes increasingly rounded out throughout this novel giving her a good deal of depth and personality.

Katie definitely grows with the novel, together with her new friends the book gathers some amount of complexity. Jul 10, Raine rated it really liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Notes for me This is a paranormal. Not classified as Paranomal Romance.

So NO romance here. If you are looking for one, move along. But if you are up for bromance and teamwork, well then, this one is for you. Katie has 2 souls trapped into 1 body. One demon and one human. She is a newbie in the new world. Adapting meant new rules, new place and as well as leaving her old life.

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torn apart, ripped, broken, chewed up. generally torn in to pieces. Synonyms for torn asunder at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for torn asunder.

Lot's of asskicking, killing, action packed filled pages. Reread list - Yes. Mar 15, Johnny rated it it was ok. Not for me I just couldn't get into this book. The characters didn't seem real at all. The MC takes being possessed and losing her old life with barely a shrug. The fights weren't any good either. Over with quick with little detail, and for some reason it kept switching from sword to knife without her having to always draw a knife. This felt really rushed and could be gone over again to flush out the characters, breath some life into them.

Also go back and fix the fights, and the dialogue between the Not for me I just couldn't get into this book. Also go back and fix the fights, and the dialogue between the demon and the MC. As is it comes off as to buddy buddy for it to be even a bit believable. I can't recommend this book. Mar 30, Emma Carlin rated it it was ok.

Dialog ruins the book Everything about this book is okay, even good in some places. But the dialog between characters completely ruins the whole book. Everyone feels like they are reading from deeply insightful script at all times. The characters will make these what are supposed to be deeply meaningful statements but are just impossible to take clearly.

Silence and actions can be so much more powerful than words and this author does not portray that at all. Finally, depsite the main character being so perfectly put together and this amazing, strong, person which is an issue in itself because she doesn't really have any flaws at one point she complains about how men only like big breasts and butts. She seems to have honestly never realized that some men like other things or personalities as well. Then she and the person she's talking to have this "thoughtful" conversation about how that's not the case even though an elementary school student could draw the same conclusions they do.

Mar 19, Jed Moulton rated it it was amazing. Katherine was chosen at random to be the host of a demon summon. Instead of some low level demon, the crown princess of hell makes an appearance She lost a bet, don't ask. What should be a simple possession and some fun on the Earth Plane doesn't go as planned. Instead of taking over Katherine's body, Crown Princess is forced to share personal space - literally. Katie and her new demon partner Pandora have to work how would you handle getting bonded to the most power female demon in existence? Katie and her new demon partner Pandora have to work together or they both die.

Pandora is one of the 72 most powerful demons in existence. On her home plane, nothing and no one could stand against Pandora, yet on this plane she is vulnerable. Time to train, Pandora can juice up Kaite's body to heal faster, increased strength, reflexes, stamina, yet what she cant do is fight for her. Katie has to learn how to be the baddest ass kicker the damned have ever seen because shit is getting real - really damn fast. Everyone who observes Katie in action can see that the demon juicing her up is stupid powerful. If they find out who Pandora actually is - well things will get messy.

Guess she has to keep the little trouble making human alive for now. Jun 18, Heather rated it it was amazing. Wondering why I put off starting this series This wasn't what I expected so was pleasantly surprised when I finally got to it. So as my per usual I will speak here not to readers but to the authors!

I'm weird like that So being caught up including today's new r Wondering why I put off starting this series So being caught up including today's new release in both universes here I am. I'm so excited to get on to the next book! Please both of you keep writing cause I for one don't want to miss a single story you have to share!

Mar 15, Velma Hayes rated it it was amazing. Of course, I will write a review for you. It is so nice of you to get back to your own stories. I have missed the whit and kick ass ladies you love to write about. I know you have other responsibilities, but there is nothing like your own words. You know that feeling you get when you come to the end of a book. Your stomach contracts, your heart stops for a moment, and your brain screams "NO". That's what happens when you read a really good book.

I've always loved the laughter, twists and wonderful characters you bring to life. Please don't ever stop, and I will review each and every one. Once again I say, Well Done!! Apr 11, Rebecca Corvello rated it really liked it. First time reading this kinda stuff from this author I thought this first book was a little too blase and way too calm about everything. There's no processing time, people are just all magically fine with their lot in life. That said, I continued with the series, and am extremely glad I did - I don't know why the first book was portrayed the way it is, but the rest of the series actually show human emotion over everything.

It made me realize that this first book was maybe just that - the fir First time reading this kinda stuff from this author It made me realize that this first book was maybe just that - the first book in this genre for this author.

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All I can say is that it quickly loses that "new" feeling and becomes a series that you just can't put down. Apr 20, Ian Duffy rated it liked it. Premise of the story has potential. Not a great book, but not bad either. First, the bad points: I'd prefer it if the fights were a bit more drawn out to have some tension. Everything happens so quickly. Also, at every opportunity in the dialogs, the reader is reminded how great and caring the team are for one another.

It might be ok once or twice, but it quickly becomes hackneyed. Oon the plus side, the premise of the story sounds quite good. I also suspect, or hope, that there is a bigger over Premise of the story has potential.

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I also suspect, or hope, that there is a bigger overarching story line that will develop through the series. I'll persevere and read the next one to see what develops. Mar 14, Richard E. Torn Asunder Interesting concept. Demon Hunters that in turn are Already possessed by Demons. They fight day and night to protect regular humans from the demons lurking in this realm. College hard core volleyball player who now finds herself possessed by a Demon during a summoning gone wrong. A Centuries old demon who Might be one of the top tier demons from hell.

And Katie's speech at the Memorial. Hell Torn Asunder Interesting concept. IF you do NOT get goosebumps on your arms You are Dead, and just need to be thrown in a Coffin. Apr 03, David Glier rated it it was ok.

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Oh, you came for a story? Check back next issue. This book is put together like the author started writing one day and stopped when he hit his desired page count, regardless of whether there was any structure to what he was writing. Oh, and did you come for heroism? Don't look for heroism here, the protagonist is a girl, and she's automatically better and stronger and than all the boys and never has any problems unless they're funny or emotional.

They dragged this one out of the slush pile reject Oh, you came for a story? They dragged this one out of the slush pile reject bin. Props for trying, but this isn't worth reading. Mar 14, Sandy Chapman rated it it was amazing. Outstanding and Unique New Series Really enjoyed this book, one of those you can't put down until the end. Unique urban fantasy with demons possessing humans, those that are strong enough to keep the demons from taking over their bodies are still considered the Damned.

Although they remain in control, they get powers of strength from the demons that possess them. They use these powers to protect humanity from those who are overpowered by the demons and those who summon the demons to begin with. C Outstanding and Unique New Series Really enjoyed this book, one of those you can't put down until the end. Check it pout, you won't regret it. Mar 17, Frank Bertino rated it it was amazing. The Dynamic Duo Katie a trusting college student is kidnapped and finds her body a host for a powerful demon. The story is good and pulled me in keeping my interest until the end.

If you or somebody you love has been hurt, here's help! In their updated resource, Carder and Jaenicke help you understand extramarital affairs and sexual addiction; deal with the betrayal and subsequent anger; heal the wounds; and rebuild trust. An excellent resource for pastors, counselors, and laypersons.

Paperback Number of Pages: Moody Publishers Publication Date: Recovering from an Extramarital Affair Dave Carder. Getting Past the Affair: Snyder , Donald H. A resource on marital infedlity for all involved, even onlookers Written by respected pastor and marriage counselor Dave Carder, this revised and expanded version of Torn Asunder sorts through the factors that contribute to infidelity and then maps out a recovery process for both partners. Along the way Carder also answers questions like: Why did this happen?

Can I trust my spouse again? Should I reveal a secret affair? What do we tell the kids? Have a question about this product?

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