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Sometimes cheap viagra ward; irritable, hypochromic colloids fainted cheap cialis australia ulcerative tadalafil destroyed cialis cost comparison summaries feeding, power: The globe may be turned to set the pointer to match the local time, making it easy to determine the time anywhere on the globe. This information matches no other French clock maker. The dial is white enamel with Roman numerals and brass hands in black. The patented solid brass pendulum escapement is mounted on the dial and supported to the back with two brackets.

The rack strikes the bell on the half and full hours. The base is solid bronze with gold gilt applied. On the base are three beautifully hand painted medallions, two oval and one large rectangular. They feature cherubs and a young woman. A beautiful example of French clock making in a most ornate style. The gilt is near perfect with little or no wear. There are some abrasion on the globe with portions of the engraved surface missing. If it were re-varnished, it would not be very noticeable.

The atlas included numerous illustrations and diagrams such as armillary spheres and planetary orbits, and volvelles. The atlas was very popular and went through numerous printings including the Spanish editions from that were printed in Granada. Remnants of hinge tape on versos.

HC Three nice engravings showing armillary spheres and a table globe. HC Three interesting, decorative charts featuring various cartographic diagrams. The other pair of attractive diagrams show various cartographic theories and projections. Each is surrounded in a rococo style border with a small vignette at bottom center 12 x Light toning on centerfolds.

BW Pair of double-page sheets with four diagrams explaining the motions of the sun, moon and earth; and the climate zones, longitude, latitude, and compass points of the earth. HC This is a very unusual and decorative, baroque style chart illustrating Hermetic philosophy and the harmony, agreement and correspondence between the physical, mental and spiritual planes.

There is some minor soil in margins and an old paper repair on the bottom fold not affecting the image. HC This is a very unusual, baroque style astrological chart. The chart illustrates good and bad periods of health or physical vulnerability in relation to the planetary alignments. It also illustrates the ancient Greek astrological concept of the climacteric years annus climactericus.

The tables on either side of the chart have columns of numbers corresponding to Motus Menstruus [the lunar cycle] and Motus Diurnus [daily motion of stars around the Earth]. There are old paper repairs on the folds in the margins. Volcanoes are depicted with billowing smoke. The view is divided into the Eastern and Western Hemispheres. Each mountain is numbered and keyed to the detailed table at the sides and below the chart. On thick paper with full margins this is an early, dark impression. HC A beautifully engraved and matching pair of thematic maps show the lakes, waterfalls, islands, rivers and mountains in separate panels.

Both of the panels have the same scale, making a visual comparison of the hemispheres quite simple. Full coloring to the engraving with the border left uncolored as issued. The bulging northwest coast of North America continues another 65 degrees and is separated from Asia by a narrow Fretum Anian. German text on verso. This is one of the few maps of the Americas by this famous Dutch cartographer. There is some minor toning, mostly in the blank margins. Joannes Jansson was married to Elisabeth Hondius, sister of Jodocus, and was a prominent publisher in Amsterdam.

In he produced a set of continental maps derived from those of his brother-in-law, which in turn were largely derived from those of Blaeu. North America retains the peninsular California and there is not a lot of detail along the eastern coast in the mid-Atlantic region. In the Southwest the famous seven cities of Cibola appear on the banks of a large spurious lake. In South America, there is a large inland sea in Guiana and two engraved scenes, one detailing a cannibalistic feast and the other showing a mythical giant of Patagonia.

This is the third state with no text on verso. Superb old color and a nice impression. The centerfold has been professionally reinforced with a tiny area of skilled paper restoration in an unengraved area. In North America, the Great Lakes are shown open-ended in the west and California is depicted as an island. Several colonial settlements appear on the eastern seaboard including Iamestoun, Christina, London al: An explanation key cartouche embellished with a Native American, and a large compass rose have been added to this edition, the 7th state of the plate.

Burden ; McLaughlin Sharp impression and wide original margins. There is a professional fold repair in the bottom margin, and a ink mark in the upper left corner, well away from the map. HC This scarce, separately published map of the Americas is one of the earliest productions of Philip Lea. In North America California is shown as an island on the Foxe model with two bays at the north end of the island, which is labeled New Albion.

A dotted line continues the western coastline in a northeasterly direction to the supposed Straits of Anian. There is a single large lake in the Great Lakes region conveniently obscured by the British coat of arms. This is an unabashedly English publication showing the English Empire extending much beyond the Appalachian Mountains. Jarsey, Mary Land, Pensilvania, and Carrolina. The map is further adorned with numerous sailing ships and a decorative dedication cartouche to Henry, Duke of Beaufort.

Sharp impression and original color with some spots in the unengraved areas of the Atlantic Ocean. There is an old paper repair in the bottom margin. The island of California covers the entire west coast of North America north of the Tropic of Cancer with two large imaginary islands off shore. One of the prominent features in northern Mexico is Les Mine de S. Iean et de Ste. Barbe, the legendary Santa Barbara mines of the Chihuahua-Durango region.

There are several large spurious lakes on both continents. A partial coastline of New Zealand appears beside the title cartouche. The map is richly decorated with three cartouches and a compass rose. This is the second state. Burden ; McLaughlin , Tooley Amer 61, p. Some paper weakness has been reinforced at lower left and there are a couple minor soft creases. HC This uncommon map of the Americas, engraved by A. Zurner, is based largely on the cartography of Visscher and Sanson. California is shown as an island with an indented northern coast on the Sanson model with the inclusion of three place names in Southern California: Isidoro, Gigante and N S del la Guadalupe.

The map is embellished with two superb pictorial cartouches. Latin text enclosed in the cartouche discusses the explorations of Columbus and Vesputius, and the Catholic missions. McLaughlin ; Tooley Amer p. There is a minor repair on the bottom centerfold and a tiny abrasion to the left of the title cartouche, else very good with a strong impression and attractive color. Most notable is the characteristic bulge to the west coast of South America and the huge Southern Continent that attaches to Nova Guinea.

The plate made its last appearance in this work published by Lasor a Varea Rafael Savonarola. HC This great map of the Americas presents the Island of California shown with an indented northern coastline. The Mississippi River basin is based on Coronelli. The large title cartouche is decorated with natives, parrots, turtles, serpents and scenes of battle and cannibalism. Engraved by John Harris. Good impression and original color. Lightly toned with a few minor spots. Old repair on bottom fold separation just entering map. Narrow, but adequate, bottom margin, as issued.

Across the narrow strait, Fretum Aniani, is the kingdom of Anian and the large stretch of coastline noted as Terra Esonis. North America includes many interesting misplaced place names and cartographic errors: The cartography in South America is more up-to-date with quite a bit of information derived from the Jesuits. Embellishing the southwest corner of the map is a highly pictorial cartouche featuring Indians, a pipe-smoking European, and several slaves. This refers to small dots of color used throughout the map. Nice impression and original color including gold leaf for the Catholic locations within the map.

Old World Auction - [PDF Document]

There is some soil in the margins, some just encroaching into the map border. It is nearly identical to the Delisle map, with California returned to its peninsular position rather than as an island. Cape Mendocino is the farthest northern point in California, and the north portion of the continent is left blank. The Mississippi River valley is well developed with recent French settlements. Very dark impression with original hand coloring and full margins. The centerfold repaired at bottom and two small wormholes to the side of centerfold just above lower border.

Observations , Le Rouge, Paris, The routes of Delisle and Tchirikow are shown in terminating on a vague island in the approximate location of Alaska. A text table details the colonial possessions. Text at bottom right explains the changes made to the plate. Nice impression and original outline color. The British colonies are shown east of the Appalachian Mountains, with French Louisiana sandwiched between them and the Spanish possession of New Mexico. A very large Lake Superior is shown to contain several islands. Remnants of hinges on verso.

The entire western part of North America is virtually blank. The northwest coastline is delineated by a dotted line terminating with a notation concerning the Russian explorations in in the region of Alaska, with a nearby coast of Asia. A simple title cartouche and nice compass rose adorn the map. The binding trim has been extended to better accommodate framing. BW This rarity is a very late map to show California as an island. Beautifully engraved the map gives the location of Indian regions including Apache, Hopi Moqui , and Navaho.

The volume contains the full twelve monthly issues, January through December, plus supplement, addenda, and index at rear. Bound in contemporary calf with gilt-lettered red spine label, 5 raised bands, and fancy gilt edging. Thick octavo, engraved frontis, pp. Light shelf wear with small chip to lower edge of spine label and small piece missing from heel of spine.

Binding tight and sound. The book is internally clean and unmarked with only rare instances of foxing. The America map has a short fold split repaired with archival tissue. Much of the west contains erroneousness mountain ranges. California is named with New Albion in its northern reaches. The second map provides very good detail of the watershed including the well delineated course of the Amazon River.

Locates many cities including Bogata, St. Both engraved by G. Dark impression on the northern sheet, light impression on the southern sheet. HC This map depicts a fascinating stage in the cartographic history of the American Northwest. A large group of islands is shown in the approximate location of Alaska. The map also includes some fascinating and erroneous features. There are still remnants of the long sought Northwest Passage through a system of rivers and lakes and the famed R.

Original outline color that is slightly faded. There is a minor damp stain at bottom left. Blank verso with page number HC This is a very unusual and interesting map with a large inset of the United States. The Western Hemisphere map presents an odd border between Mexico and the United States, and the British perspective for the boundary with Canada. The large inset shows the United States, which extends to just beyond the Mississippi River. This inset locates and names Franklinia shown in western Tennessee and Kentucky.

In , settlers in western North Carolina and what would become eastern Tennessee organized a state government to be named in honor of Benjamin Franklin. Congress turned down their appeal but the state maintained a legislature and governor until This ephemeral state appears on only a small number of maps and this is a late appearance of this frontier political experiment.

Clean, bright paper, nice impression and color, and original margins. BW This important, and scarce little map introduces a very early representation of North America, which is labeled Terra de lavortore. The Stretto pte del modo novo depicts the area corresponding to the latitude of the Caribbean. While representing North America, the geography more closely resembles the northeast coastline of Asia; the two often being interrelated at this point in history. On a full sheet of Italian text with a map of Scandinavia on verso. Burden 8; Manasek 7. The interior is packed with a helter-skelter arrangement of mountains, rivers and lakes.

There is a hint of the Northwest Passage hidden by the title cartouche. The mythical cities of Cibola are located north of Santa Fe. The large vignette at bottom right depicts three explorers - French, Spanish and English - each displaying a map of their respective possessions in North America to subjugated natives.

Other ornaments include the ships of these colonial powers, a title cartouche, and sea monsters. HC This richly engraved map shows the island of California with an indented northern coast, interior mountains and no place names except S. Bruno on the southern tip of the island. Fretum Anian is placed to the northeast of California. The Great Lakes are prominent, owing to the Jesuit sources of the map.

The map is decorated with a pictorial title cartouche showing Jesus on the cross with the people of the world kneeling before him. A multitude of ships and sea monsters embellish the oceans. The chart at the bottom notes the locations of missions, both temporary and permanent. The map is engraved with various shading to show the areas converted to Christianity, those exposed to the gospel, and those still unenlightened.

Plaques above and below quote passages from Matthew and John regarding spreading the gospel. An interesting map illustrating a different perspective on colonization. McLaughlin ; Tooley Amer plt. It shows the island of California and a blank northwestern coastline. Only three major rivers are shown, with the Mississippi emptying too far west The Great Lakes are fully formed, but appear as one massive lake. Issued folded with some extraneous creases. It is one of the last maps to show the island of California although Seale also incorporated some information from Kino in the Southwest.

The Straits of Anian are noted, but most of the northwest is marked Parts Unknown and contains little data. Of particular note are the many Indian Towns located throughout the map. Shading designates the trade winds with directional arrows showing the course of the winds. The routes of the Spanish galleons are marked in the Caribbean. An ornate title cartouche and compass rose adorn the map. There is some minor foxing, else very good. An extensive network of rivers and lakes in the northern regions strongly suggest the possibility of a Northwest Passage. New Albion is on the southwest shore of this great inland sea, which inundates virtually all of present-day British Columbia and Alberta.

Florida is controlled by Spain. The large, decorative title cartouche, incorporating a palm tree and grape vines, was drawn by Marillier and engraved by Berthault. Nice impression and original color with a tiny bit of minor soil. The myth of a Northwest Passage continues to persist, here linking the Detroit d Anian with Lac Michinipi by a system of rivers and a large Lac des Conibas. There is also a River of the West that connects to another large lake, L.

Alaska is shown as a series of large islands. California is labeled Grand Quivira. Binding trim replaced to better accommodate framing. Fine later hand coloring, dark impression and full margins. BW A Revolutionary War era map shows early colonial boundaries and much interesting cartography. The Red River of the North, R.

The western part of the continent is described as both Parts Unknown and Intirely Unknown. A light smudge at lower right and some pressed creases. North America Amerique Septentrionale dressee sur les Relations les plus modernes des Voyageurs et Navigateurs, ou se remarquent. Shelrock, the Bermudas, and most importantly delineates the new United States. The decorative title cartouche balances the inset in the opposite upper corner.

This is an unrecorded state that is obviously later than State 6 as given by Pedley. A nice example on thick hand laid paper with wide margins. Centerfold split at bottom repaired on verso. Some marginal foxing marks and soiling, most at bottom. In the Atlantic are some physical score marks, probably from a child, which are not distracting. The map has been somewhat updated with the western Great Lakes complete, and a peninsular California. The political divisions are outdated with the continent still divided between the colonial interests of England, France and Spain.

It is a very unusual and visually delightful map would be a nice addition to any collection of North American maps. Sharp impression and original color with a hint of toning on the bottom centerfold. Alaska is still a bit misshapen, but much of the northwest coast is beginning to take shape. Two large, unnamed lakes appear in the otherwise blank western part of the United States and the Stony Mountains make an early appearance for the Canadian Rockies.

The discoveries of Hearne and Mackenzie are shown in the Arctic. Maine is not named and is given a very squat shape. The map was engraved by Scoles. The binding trim at lower right has been extended to better accommodate framing and a short binding tear that just enters the border has been repaired. The region of Alaska is shown as an elongated peninsula. Remnants of mounting hinges on verso. BW This early thematic map is well engraved to show the currents and prevailing winds across North America and the Caribbean.

Interior detail is limited to rivers and mountain ranges. A little light offsetting and some soiling or foxing at edge of right margin. Domingo, Greenland, Iceland, and all of Central America. The states and provinces are not delineated in this early Hall issue. East of the Rockies the huge area is largely unnamed except for Dakoutas, but the watershed is very well delineated. The title is in a simple rectangular block.

Engraved by Sidney Hall. Lazy fold at centerfold. HC This rarely seen issue features the Independent Republic of Texas with the long stove-pipe border extending into the Rocky Mountains to about the 40th Parallel. It also shows a huge Oregon Territory that illustrates the boundary disagreement between the United States and Great Britain commonly knows as Fifty-four Forty or Fight. Mexico is in control of California and the Southwest. Keyboard style border surrounds. There is only one sales record for this uncommon map in the Jolly Price Record.

Original color and dark impression.

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HC This great school geography map includes a large Independent Republic of Texas with a long stovepipe panhandle and Austin shown as the capitol. Above Texas is the Great American Desert. Canada is called British America and New Britain. States are not shown in the U. A population of , is given for Texas. Numerous Indian tribes and major towns are named. Beautiful, early impression and later hand coloring. This map is a very early example of printed color. Sidney Morse invented the wax engraving method used to print this map. Features an Independent Texas. The boundary above Oregon Territory is colored to show both the American claim into British Columbia and the eventually settled boundary.

Printed in yellow and black. This map has good detail of watershed and mountains. It features a pre-Gadsden Purchase border with Mexico. The course of the Snake River is fairly accurate, but the Colorado River rushes to the Sea of Cortez in a straight line. Filled with fascinating detail. The map is surrounded by beautifully engraved scenes of North and Central America including local animals, a ship stranded in the polar sea, and a Mayan Temple.

There is an embossed personal stamp in the lower margin, not affecting the map. It shows the California explorations by Jedidiah Strong Smith, with The Southwest, California and the Northwest are shown as being populated by numerous named Indian tribes with boundaries delineated, but the areas are left uncolored. Revisions to the ranges of the northern Great Plains tribes are also made with expansion of the Sioux and contraction of the Blackfeet, plus the addition of Arrapahoes and reinstatement of the Pawnees.

Some of the revisions were made with a stamp, instead printing with the lithographic plate. Wheat devotes two text pages to this map, principally quoting from Gallatin. The map is clean and bright with strong original hand coloring and dark impression. A Gallatin was born in Geneva, Switzerland in After graduating from the University of Geneva he immigrated to Boston in and served in the Revolutionary Army.

He died in Astoria, N. Bartlett and Welford, First edition, octavo, clxxxviii, , pp. Complete with all illustrations and maps. Binding exhibiting wear at the extremities and some splitting to leather along the front hinge. Binding otherwise appears to be tight. Light occasional foxing to text pages and plates. Maps are graded in text. A few stray pencil notes are found on the title page. Overall, a very good copy of a very scarce report and map. The Great Basin area is also inaccurate and roughly follows the Fremont model. Filled with wagon routes, explorer trails, forts, Indian tribes, and so much more.

The middle portion of the U. Much of this area is organized into the Proposed Territory of Nebraska. Minnesota includes Dakota, which is not named. Includes a table of distances and a table of counties and towns that lists over 1, names. Overall light darkening of varnish. Sides without cloth edging, with some roughness and small tears at right and a few small areas of edge loss, one just into the border. The top margin has the primary damage as normally seen.

Upper margin has two small holes near center, with several areas of loss, most in blank paper between upper border and the roller. In lower left are a few worm holes. The map image is generally very nice. Both rollers present and attached. Will be a beautiful example with minor professional restoration. Between August and July , the Confederate General Baylor appointed himself the territorial governor and claimed all of New Mexico Territory south of the 34th Parallel for the Confederacy.

Colorado has not yet formed and its gold discoveries are not noted. Depicts railroads, completed and proposed, the U. Mail routes, but this edition does not yet show the route of the Pony Express. Also shows the locations of the major Indian tribes. A great example of the tremendous change in political boundaries taking place during the early years of the Civil War in the United States. A nice example on supple paper but with six spots in the map. A short centerfold split at right and some light backstrap paste staining along centerfold.

The map covers from Greenland to the northern coast of South America, excluding only the unexplored western regions of North America. The British Colonies are shown with their western boundaries along the Mississippi River. The important trade routes are shown in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. The Universal Museum was a very short-lived British periodical published between and Maps from this publication are rarely seen on the market and this map would be an important addition to any American map collection.

The right border includes some facsimile of the neatline. Volume the Fourth…, London, BW This is a very early map of the newly created United States and names all 13 states. The southern states are bounded on the west by the huge Indian Nations, which extend to the Mississippi River. The boundary line is called Indians Antiant Boundary.

Louisiana Territory is located beyond the Mississippi River. The laurel leaf cartouche has portraits of Washington and Franklin in medallions at the sides. The map is still bound in the fourth volume of The Polite Traveller, London: Printed for John Fielding. In original leather with gilt lettered red spine label and four raised bands, 24mo , 3. A little light scattered foxing. The binding is very nice with some light staining on covers and a little cracking at edges of spine, contents sound and very good.

The legend locates forts, mines, railroads, wagon roads, canals and sea routes. The full map was printed on two sheets meant to be joined. This is only the eastern sheet, but it contains the title and imprint so it stands on its own quite admirably. Further north lies the Straits of Annian and the partial coastline of Annian. Conibas Lake forms the source of the North or Bravo R.

Rio Grande , which correctly empties into the Gulf of Mexico. Much of the map appears to have been derived from Hennepin, but it contains vastly more detail and the locations of numerous Indian villages, including the Missourits on the bank of what would become the Missouri River. Several forts are shown along the Mississippi River and in the Great Lakes region. In Canada, the Mission des Recolets is located just south of the Lake of Assinibouels, and is noted as ye Farthermost in ye whole Country.

Another interesting notation shows a tree, near the headwaters of the Mississippi, into which the Arms of France are cut. Original outline color with light toning. There are mounting hinge remnants on verso. BW This is probably the most extravagant of all the Northwest Passage maps based on the Jefferys model. Alaska is shown in an early, peninsular form based on the map of Mueller. This map is from a series prepared by Didier Robert de Vaugondy to illustrate the articles written by Samuel Engel concerning the recent discoveries and cartographic theories in the northern regions.

Pedley ; cf Hayes pp. There is a marginal binding tear closed with archival tape and some toning in the margins. HC Handsome large map of the western states and large, early territories. Washington, Oregon, Utah and New Mexico are all shown at their largest extents. The map includes striking and quite accurate topographical features and extensive details on forts, roads, Indian tribes, and settlements. It is particularly noteworthy for the number of roads and trails shown. Some marginal chips and fold separations. Three are a few faint spots, mostly in blank margins.

War broke out between France and England in and a large number of maps were produced to describe the areas involved. Kershaw , ; cf Kershaw Laurent et Pays Voisins , Bellin, Paris, BW Nice pair of maps detailing the course of the St. Lawrence River from St. Lawrence Bay to just beyond Quebec. Many rocks and shoals are shown in the river with numerous villages and forts located along the shore. Both maps are decorated with rococo-style cartouches.

Both clean and bright. Second map has a lighter impression. BW This rare and detailed plan of Montreal delineates the small town built between the St. Laurence on one side and steep cliffs on the other.

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The map was engraved by B. The Micmac tribe is located near Shelburne. The southeastern part of Nova Scotia is named Acadie. Sharp impression, original color and wide original margins. This Italian edition is richly illustrated with annotations not found on the English version. It includes remarkable detail regarding towns, roads, rivers and mountains.

The boundary of the Six Nations is prominently shown. Sharp impression and original outline color. Both decorative maps are surrounded by fancy engraved borders and beautifully engraved vignettes including the national seal. The map of West Canada covers the region of present-day Ontario and includes vignettes of Niagara Falls, an Indian council, Kingston and a river otter.

The map of East Canada covers the St. Lawrence River and New Brunswick. Two smaller vignettes are a river otter entwined in both sides of the border. The west sheet is very good A with uncolored vignettes, as issued. The east sheet has a single small wormhole in the shield at lower right and is toned along centerfold B. With hand colored vignettes. Lawrence… , Keefer, Canada Directory, Quebec, []. HC This large and colorful map shows much detail of the region with a large inset depicting the vicinity the Gulf of St.

Includes all of Lakes Superior and Erie. Remarkable detail throughout including political divisions, railroads, roads, watershed, towns and villages, etc. A legend explains symbols used to indicate railroads completed, in progress, and those projected.

Tukuma Cup 22.-24.11.2013

Prepared for the Canada Directory by Thomas C. Full margins and original hand coloring. Folding as issued with a small area of toning at fold intersection and a small split at another intersection. Laurence, as High as Quebec , Anon. BW This rare map of the St. Published in the October issue of the rare Grand Magazine of Magazines. A rarely seen map with no prior sales records located. HC This uncommon map shows eastern Canada, with an inset of Newfoundland.

The map is delicately engraved in the style popularized by John Tallis with vignettes and a decorative border. The illustrations were drawn by A. Wray and engraved by J. The map was drawn and engraved by William Hughes, and published by James S. Faint toning along fold. The area near New York Harbor is titled Angoulesme. Long Island, which Verrazzano imagined a peninsula, is labeled Flora.

This example is the second state, as evidenced by the addition of weeping willow trees. Good impression with later color. A couple of marginal tears have been professionally repaired. The cartography is unchanged, with the exception of the depiction of the Hudson and St. Lawrence Rivers unnamed , which are shown connected upriver, a notion he borrowed from Ramusio. Engraved on copper by Giulio and Livio Sanuto in the unmistakable Italian style.

Burden 30; Kershaw 20; McCorkle In northern Canada, a sea route is shown through the northwest part of Hudson Bay. This is the third state with several additional names including Mer de Canada, 3 Rivieres, Manhate, B. Burden ; Kershaw ; McCorkle Damp stains in upper corner, not affecting the map. HC First issued by Guillaume Delisle in , this richly detailed map provides the most accurate rendering of the Great Lakes of the time, with the lakes fully enclosed and properly placed in longitude and latitude. It correctly positions the Ohio River but confuses its name with the Wabash River.

In Canada special attention is given to the rivers and lakes between Hudson Bay and the St. The exquisite cartouche is decorated with a beaver, natives one of whom is bearing a scalp , Jesuit explorers and centered with the French crown and coat of arms, which was removed in editions that were issued after the French Revolution. Kershaw ; Tooley Amer p. The map has a strong, dark impression on a full sheet with wide margins and a text-based watermark. Lawrence, are the focus of this detailed little chart. Montreal is here called Saint Maria. Lake Champlain was the major transportation route between the Saint Lawrence and Hudson valley during the colonial period.

Frederic Crown Point attest to the importance of the region. The most prominent feature of the map is the very large inset of the Bellin version of the Great Lakes. This is a state between the third and fourth noted by Kershaw; the privilege and date retained in the cartouche, but with Groux named as engraver of the cartouche. It was published prior to There is a tissue repair on a fold separation at top. Angleterre , Lotter, ca.

Lawrence River running nearly north-south. It is very detailed, especially along the coastlines and rivers with many place names noted, both European and Indian, including Casco Bay Baye de Casco , the Penobscot River, Wells, and Cape Elizabeth. At bottom right is a scene with several sailing ships. Kershaw ; Moreland and Bannister, p.

It shows the British and French possessions from a British point of view. The western extent of the map is just west of the Mississippi River with Virginia, Earl Granvilles Property and North Carolina all extending off the map. This map shows a very early Georgia, chartered in It is embellished with a large rococo cartouche. There are a couple spots of candle wax on the map and minor soil and tears in blank margins, else very good. However, several large, bogus islands still remain in Lake Superior, including I. Philippeaux on some issues and I. The Michigan peninsula is still misshapen with a massive mountain range down its center.

Numerous forts are located: Jgnace, Niagara, des Miamis, and Toronto to mention a few. The ornate rococo title cartouche is draped with ivy. One light spot, else very good with a crisp impression. The map locates numerous forts involved in the war, including William Henry, Edward, and S. Two unnamed forts are shown south of Lake Erie. All these details and topographical information were important to the contemporary reader following the war from across the Atlantic.

This map was published in the rare Grand Magazine of Magazines in the November issue. A little darkening along bottom from ink on plate. The treaty ended French colonial ambitions in North America with minor exceptions. Also of interest are the names and locations of many Indian tribes and nations located away from the more populated areas of English settlements.

An inset of East Florida on the same scale lies between the coastline and the decorative rococo-style title cartouche. Two minor tears in the upper left corner have been professionally and invisibly repaired. Lake Superior is shown Beautiful example with wide margins and thick hand laid paper with original outline coloring. This sheet depicts Lake Superior, based on the Bellin model. The lake is shown with the imaginary and persistent island of Philippeaux, and the Keweenaw Peninsula is crudely delineated and named Trasporto.

Kershaw ; Sellers and Van Ee Full, wide margins, beautiful impression and color with large watermark. HC This is an interesting map of the colonial possessions of England, France and Spain in North America; France is shown to occupy the largest region owing to the nationality of the cartographer. This is the second state, with the date changed from to There is a tissue repair on the bottom centerfold and some light soil in margins. In Canada, special attention is given to the rivers and lakes between Hudson Bay and the St. The exquisite cartouche is decorated with a beaver, natives one of whom is bearing a scalp , and Jesuit explorers.

A table of colors below the cartouche distinguishes the boundaries of the United States and European possessions. This is the ninth state of the map, issued by Dezauche circa Following the French Revolution and the execution of the king, nearly all traces of royalty were erased from the cartouche. Kershaw ; Tooley Amer 42, p. There is some faint uneven toning in the map. Spain is shown in possession of Florida and France controls Louisiana. In the United States the boundaries of the states are shown only extending to the Appalachian Mountains with Indian nations occupying the western lands.

This is the 4th state, published by Robert Sayer. Original color with some minor toning and a couple edge tears in the wide original margins. In , settlers in present-day western North Carolina and eastern Tennessee organized a state government to be named in honor of Benjamin Franklin. This ephemeral state appeared on a small number of maps into the early part of the 19th century. The map shows early settlements, including a Moravian Settlement in North Carolina, and the Cumberland Settlements in present-day Tennessee.

The map also notes native tribes and various Bounty Land Grants lands along the upper Mississippi River. Engraved by Taylor, published by John Jones. References listed are for this map. The Nation of the Bear is east of the Lake of the Woods. A long tear from binding trim just reaches into the map near Savannah. The second map is in better condition with a long binding trim tear but not other tape on verso B. HC This map had a long publication history. The map is extremely detailed with the locations of forts, Indian villages, tribal territory, and mines.

West and East Florida are Spanish possessions. Original color with some uneven toning. There is a small puncture in the bottom blank margin, well away from the map. The title is enclosed with a simple oval cartouche. Kershaw ; cf McCorkle BW Copper engraved map of the region when it was a district of Massachusetts. Laurence south to the Bay of Funday. Chaleur Bay nearly makes an island with the Gaspe Peninsula. Split on one fold expertly closed. A very light foxing spot near center. BW A nicely engraved copper-plate map that extents from northern Florida well into Canada to include the Maritimes.

It extends westward to beyond the Mississippi River. Locates some Indian tribes and gives the number of warriors in each. Details hardwood forest in western Tennessee bounded by the Mississippi River. Extensive hachure is used in an attempt to describe the complex ranges of the Allegheny Mountains. The map names major cities only.

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Climatic zones are noted with engraved line and label. Dark impression on thick hand laid paper with wide margins. Issued folded with binding trim in full left margin. Mexico controls California and the Southwest as the map pre-dates the Mexican War by nearly a decade. There are only two large territories in the Mid-West. Missouri Territory stretches from Texas to the boundary with Canada. It is bounded on the west by Oregon and includes in its southern part the oversized Indian Territory. Four tables below the title list each state and territory with the area given for each in square miles.

This is a scarce map with only one example from in the Jolly Price Record. Very nice original hand coloring and dark impression with full margins. Toned along centerfold with more toning or soiling at right inside border.

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Also shows the true Meridian Traced by Major Graham. The dispute was settled in by the Webster-Ashburton Treaty, also known as the Treaty of Washington as it is named on this map. Political opponents later accused Daniel Webster, the lead negotiator, of giving too much land to the British. Very nice impression and original hand coloring. Some creasing at binding side. The 23 of 25 excellently rendered, steel engraved views and hundreds of wood engravings, many full-page include works by Harry Fenn, Granville Perkins, A.

Darley and other important American artists of the 19th century. New York, from Brooklyn Heights is the frontispiece. In full green leather with fancy tooling and embossing with gilt, raised bands on spine. Volume II - pp. The boards are rubbed with leather tips lifted and abraded, and abraded at spine edges. Missing the plate of West Point, and the City of Louisville, otherwise complete. The map, reduced and engraved by O.

However, the map is an important part of the railroad history of the United States. The map has a little offsetting, mostly in the lower margin. HC This great map features numerous early western territorial boundaries. Nebraska Territory in turn extends to the Missouri River where it borders a large Minnesota Territory. The map details the exploration routes of many expeditions including those of Marcy, Kearny, Fremont, etc. The map is hand colored in outline, which is very unusual for this issue. Fine example that has original hand coloring in outline only, crisp impression and very wide margins.