The Lords Garden

The Lords garden at Damsgård Mansion - Picture of Damsgaard Manor - Bymuseet i Bergen, Bergen

Farenhorst, Christine Farley, William P. Faulkner, Danny Feenstra, Peter G.

Christopher Vidal

Folmar, Keri Ford, Sallie R. Froman, Craig Frost, Henry W. Gabrysch, Kay Gaffin, R. Jr Gale, Stanley D.

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Gay, David Gentry,Peter J. Gibson, David Gibson, J. Hamilton, Ian Hamilton, J. Hanko, Herman Hannah, John D. Hannula, Richard Hansen, C. Hoeksema, Herman Holcomb, J. Hotton, Glenda Houghton, S.

The Lords Garden

Hunter, Drew Hunter, James H. Hyde, Daniel Hyde, Daniel R.

Lord's Garden Center

Lord's Garden Campsite and Retreat House, Calamba City, Laguna. likes. Lord's Garden Campsite and Retreat House located at Looc, Calamba City. Inside Dr Paul Enenche's new multi billion Naira Auditorium, The Lord's Garden + " the building will be the largest covered roof in Africa"- Dr. Enenche Dr. Paul.

Johnson, Nancy Johnson, Terry L. Johnston, Bradley Johnston, Mark G. Josephus, Flavius Jung, Joanne J. Junius, Franciscus Kaiser, Walter C.

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Kelderman, Donna Kelleman, Robert W. Lambert, Heath Lambregste, C. Lindsay, Thomas Ling, John R. Marcellino, Jerry Marsden, George M. Michael, Sally Mijnders, M.

Facts About Dunamis The Lord's Garden Church Project

Ben Mitchell, Matthew Mohler, R. Morris, Henry Morrison, J. Mortenson, Terry Mortimer, F. Murray, David Murray, Iain H. Nation, Steve Nave, Orville J.

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Nielson, Jon Nielson, Kathleen B. Nisbet, Alexander Norel, K. Scott Oliver, Robert W. Pipa, Joseph Pipa, Joseph A. Porter, Ebenezer Postma, Ted J.

Powlison, David Poythress, Diane M. Poythress, Vern Pratt, Richard L. Reeve, Penny Reeves, M. Repp, Gloria Reymond, Robert L. Palmer Robinson, Simon J. If we church also wants to remain relevant in generations to come there is a need to really move into the Hinterlands. My recent brief Mission trips with a Christian Organization sometime ago has revealed that there is a gap that Mordern Churches are not filling in the Villages.

While many indigenous Churches are truly moving into the villages there is an obvious educational and healthcare gap that we can fill. I can imagine what a free church sponsored Secondary School or Hospital would do to a community like Ile-Odu in Ogbomosho, a community which has just one Baptist School with one teacher which was established in it now looks tattered and worn-out and no single Hospital or Clinic.

Lords Garden Glory

Communities like that are present everywhere in Nigeria and are waiting for our Manifestations. While the Church can retain Paid Schools in the Cities we need to target forgotten and very rural communities with free schools and healthcare that serves everybody-I believe it is possible and i know there are now ministries with financial wherewithal that can take this up on massive scale. The Church is getting wealthier and it is high time we start taking up responsibilities equal to our capacity.

Very very good investment for him and the share holders. The decay in our country and communities made pastoral work and churches the best return on investment. A jobless graduate run to Pastors for miracles when he could actually build a new skill, apprentice or take a low pay job, couples with marriage crisis run to Pastors for miracles when they only need an appointment with a good counsellor, childless couple runs to Pastors for miracles when there are options IVF, adoption etc the Pastors sees the opportunity and fill the void.

They are jack of all trade. They more they build big churches the more violent crimes gets more violent. Nigeria is the Lord's and the fullness thereof Brotherly quit smoking ant-infested weed Religious belief is an invisible security blanket for insecure individuals. Closeted minds will continue to allow brainwashing and indoctrination by religious leaders that there is a 'god', and there was a 'jesus', in order that the people with closed minds allow themselves to be controlled so that the various Corporations churches remain profitable as the tax-free money continues to roll in.

Waste of arable lands kip quayet. Not against building Lord's house Bless them with work His brother General John Enenche who I was told is a pastor in the church justified the brutal murder of Igbo youths in Abia State under operation python dance as Army spokesman, meanwhile Igbos form the bulk of worshippers in his church. This is Part of the reasons that Nnamdi Kanu was abusing Igbos donating to building churches belonging to other people while churches which brought education and healthcare in their communities and towns in the past have dillapidated and their pastors or priests starving and poor.

The more people shout foul, the more these mega churches emerge, there is something right they must be doing, that's all.

Cry from now till tomorrow, these giants will continue to emerge, the gates of hell can't stop them. Jesus was a name of a slave ship, Africans wake up! The fact that pastors pay deaf ears to wise advise from the voice reason,does not mean that they won't be rich.